Arborist Reports in San Diego

An arborist report is a written document, usually presented in electronic format, with opinions and supporting information such as photos, maps, diagrams, and reference sources. A tree report also provides recommendations to direct work, qualify risk, identify disease or disorder, improve cultural practices, minimize potentially harmful impact, and estimate value. They are also used for insurance claims or legal disputes.

Tree Life Consulting writes arborist reports for common interest developments, property managers, real estate professionals, investment trusts, attorneys, and all other tree owners. Our team of ISA Board Certified Master Arborists and ASCA Registered Consulting Arborists are qualified, experienced, and effective communicators.

Recommendations are based on direct experience and best management practices developed by the International Society of Arboriculture and other industry leaders. For example, our planting specifications encourage successful tree establishment before the hole is dug.

TLC prepares tree maintenance reports and action plans to improve health, reduce risk, avoid unnecessary costs, and enhance landscapes. Tree reports, management plans, maps, and inventories are accessible by a web browser on any device.

Construction activities have an impact on tree health. Tree protection plans help minimize injury and maintain tree health long after the project is completed. Our team of

Registered Consulting Arborists write tree reports for all stages of an improvement project.

TLC has Board Certified Master Arborists that present written solutions identifying the environmental or cultural stress factors which predispose a tree to secondary disorders. Recommendations to improve maintenance practices, irrigation, and growing conditions are thorough, concise, and current.

The mission of Tree Life Consulting is to protect and enhance tree populations by avoiding unnecessary costs or potentially harmful treatments, thereby increasing their safe and useful life in the landscape.