If you have a tree and a question, we have an answer. Tree Life Consulting offers many services to all types of clients, including private residents, common interest developments, contractors, attorneys, insurance adjusters, architects, and other professionals.

Tree Assessments

A tree assessment is a visual inspection made to identify, analyze, and evaluate aspects of a tree. It is a form of tree care, much like a routine check-up is a form of health care.

Arborist Reports

An arborist report is a written document, usually presented in electronic format, with opinions and supporting information such as photos, maps, diagrams, and reference sources.

Action Plan

An action plan is a arborist report based on an assessment of maintenance needs and other improvements. They contain detailed work scopes, web-based maps, and example photos. Action plans are used to generate and execute work orders.

Tree Mapping

A tree map is an inventory with locations represented on a satellite image. It is a management tool used by tree owners, advocates, contractors, and consultants to effectively evaluate, analyze, maintain, improve, and enhance tree assets.

Expert Witness

Tree Life Consulting provides expert witness services for all stages of dispute including litigation, arbitration, mediation, deposition and trial. Our independent, third-party tree experts are effective communicators with decades of combined experience in the landscape and arboriculture industry.