Tree Assessments in San Diego

A tree assessment is a visual inspection made to identify, analyze, and evaluate aspects of a tree. It is a form of tree care, much like a routine check-up is a form of health care.

TLC conducts site visits to assess the maintenance needs, risk, health, or value of one or more trees. Opinions related to a specific assessment can be communicated verbally or documented in a written report.  

Tree Risk Assessment

Risk assessments identify conditions or defects associated with tree failure or conflict. Our team of Qualified Tree Risk Assessors develop strategies that reduce the likelihood of occurrence to an acceptable level.

Tree risk, as defined by the ISA, is the likelihood of conflict or failure occurring and affecting a target in relation to the severity of consequences such as personal injury, property damage, or disruption of activities. Though all trees present some level of risk, the risk to human safety is very low in general.


Tree Health Assessment

A health assessment determines if a tree is creating enough energy from photosynthesis to resist disruption of biological function. They are performed on newly planted trees as well as mature specimens. Health is dependent upon factors such as pruning, irrigation, planting depth, site changes, and landscape design.

Our team of Registered Consulting Arborists diagnose problems and present solutions to improve health by identifying stress factors that predispose a tree to secondary disorders like pest infestation or root disease.

Impact Assessment

Our team of Registered Consulting Arborists conduct assessments during all stages of an improvement. TLC develops comprehensive tree protection plans, tree planting specifications, tree maps, and complete inventories for all clients and projects.

Construction activities, including planting, have an impact on tree health. Our tree protection plans minimize tree injury, helping maintain favorable tree health long after the project is completed. Our planting specifications maximize the likelihood of successful tree establishment, helping enhance the landscape long after a tree is planted.  

Tree Appraisal

A tree appraisal is an assessment of value using methods developed by the Council of Tree & Landscape Appraisers. Tree Life Consulting conducts appraisals for construction requirements, insurance claims, real-estate transactions, and all types of legal matters.

Trees have intrinsic, environmental, and communal value that can be reasonably estimated by evaluating species, size, condition, and location. Our tree appraisals can also quantify ecological benefits like storm water retention/run-off prevention, carbon sequestration, or a reduction of energy use.

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