Tree Mapping in San Diego

A tree map is an inventory with locations represented on a satellite image. It is a management tool used by tree owners, advocates, contractors, and consultants to effectively evaluate, analyze, maintain, improve, and enhance tree assets.

Tree Life Consulting collects information about each tree as specified by an assignment. Data fields include species, location, maintenance needs, trunk diameter, height, condition, and risk rating.

Our inventories and maps are web-based, interactive management tools that can be accessed by any device connected to the internet. Workers can identify subject trees in the field before work begins; owners and professionals can verify work was completed using a phone, tablet, or home computer.

A basic tree map contains only species, location, and maintenance data. It is often part of an action plan that helps tree owners make educated decisions when caring for their urban forest. Basic maps are generally used to generate comparable job estimates for routine maintenance services such as tree pruning or removal.

A complete map contains information in addition to species, location, and maintenance needs. Data fields for individual trees include maintenance recommendations, condition, size, risk rating, appraised value, and work history.

Complete inventories are sophisticated management tools used to improve diversity, document maintenance, and apply specific care to individual trees. They also record site characteristics or other external features affecting the trees.

Tree Life Consulting uses Tree Plotter©, a secure, web-based program designed to map, inventory, and manage tree populations. Anyone can access our detailed maps and data tables without the need to install software or use GPS hardware. In addition to satellite images of a location, clients have the option to search trees by address and explore locations in Google Street View.

Tree Plotter© interfaces with i-Tree technology, which gives a detailed analysis of ecological benefits generated by one or more trees. Tree owners with an interest in sustainability can use the calculations to quantify the measurable benefits their trees give back to the environment and community.

The mission of Tree Life Consulting is to protect and enhance tree populations by avoiding unnecessary costs or potentially harmful treatments, thereby increasing their safe and useful life in the landscape.