San Diego Tree Expert Specialists – TLC Arborists

Thank you for searching for a consulting arborist. If you have a tree and a question, Tree Life Consulting has an answer.

Our independent, third-party tree experts are highly qualified arborists with decades of combined experience in the arboriculture industry. TLC is not a branch of a larger, unrelated company. We do not provide any services other than consulting.

TLC consists only of Board Certified Master Arborists and Registered Consulting Arborists. Having increased our professional knowledge through the pursuit of learning, we are required to obtain twice as many continued education units as a certified arborist to maintain these advanced levels of accreditation.

Trees are the most valuable and visible assets of the landscape and people often develop strong emotional attachments to them. To realize all of the benefits they generate, trees must be allowed to reach a mature size and senesce naturally.

Tree owners have an obligation to provide balanced and proportional care for their trees. The type of service and frequency of care should promote a safe environment, maintain tree health, and stay within a reasonable budget. Because every situation and tree is unique, maintenance services should be applied appropriately given the circumstances.

Pruning is not the only type of tree maintenance. A routine tree assessment conducted by a Board Certified Master Arborist or a Registered Consulting Arborist is a form of professional tree care. TLC assesses trees for many reasons, including the following: to evaluate care needs, qualify risk, improve health, inspect damage, limit potential impact, and estimate value.

While other tree maintenance services like pruning or removal are necessary at times, having an action plan to direct the work minimizes unnecessary expenses and provides a high level of asset protection.

Trees have inherent risk because they naturally drop limbs. A tree risk assessment performed by a master arborist can identify obvious defects associated with failure or decline; an arborist report provides mitigation options to reduce the likelihood of occurrence to an acceptable level.

Construction activities, including planting, can have long term effects on tree health. An impact assessment with a tree protection plan minimizes injury and maintains health long after the project is completed. Our planting specifications maximize the likelihood of successful tree establishment, enhancing the landscape long after planting.

The mission of Tree Life Consulting is to protect and enhance tree populations by avoiding unnecessary costs or potentially harmful treatments, increasing their safe and useful life in the landscape.